Any long tube headers clear the trans.?


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Apr 25, 2008
I have a 1996 that I'm doing a pi head swap on. So while I'm @ it, I thought it'd be a good time to do headers. I'm trying to figure out if I want long tubes, or shorties. I know long tubes are best for hp gain, but I don't want to have to pull them to put in a clutch. Is that even possible? The only reason I'd consider the shorties is, they have to be better than the stock manifolds, I think. Plus, they'd bolt right up to my Bassani midpipe. Anyone know if there's long tubes that clear the transmission?
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I installed bbk shorties and noticed no power gain just a lot better tone. I know have long tubes but have never run the motor with them, as far as changing the trans with long tubes, I have heard you can spread the headers apart enough to get it out but have not done, so I could be wrong. i would not waste your money on shorties.
I can get a set of Pypes long tubes for nearly the same price as the BBK shorties. Are the Pypes any good. I also have an eye on some Hooker long tubes. ...If I decide not to do the long tubes, do you think I should just go back with the stock manifolds?
I hear that all the brands are good except flowtech and pacesetter, heard the flanges warp and they leak. Will hear crap for that, but oh well. I would not do shorties, but you can, some say they add power, that was just my experiance with them. I would wait till you couold afford long tubes. Good luck
I think Kooks, SLP, & ARH (american racing headers) are the ones that clear the trans. They are also the most expensive, & the ground clearance is horrible on a lowered car. I went with Mac ceramic LT's because my car is dumped, but since they tuck up so nicely, they dont clear the trans. I havent had any problems with mine though & they are great quality for how cheap they are....
I have heard that Hooker headers do,but I do not know for sure.Now JBA and Bassani make mid length headers that the tranny will clear,but then you are limited to their mid pipes or custom made.I think when I finally do mine Im doing the mid lengths,all mos tLT's but better than shorties I would think.