Any one use or seen this Electric Vacuum Pump Kit

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Not sure how good that would work Brandon, your better off with a Aerospace or Moroso pullied unit, seal the motor off tight and use a releif valve to adjust it.

How's the car coming, ready for NMRA next week? Shoot me an e-mail, your stickers are on the way ;)
Just got the 4.30's in last night and put my team z lowers on. Loaded the car up and went out west of town to make sure everything was ok. made a pass at about 7400 rpm i had to back out after 2nd feels way faster the it id at the track last week. She's ready for the nmra event now , but saterday i going to put a lot of passes on it 10's or bust .
I hadn't seen that unit before, but I know a lot of GM guys run e- pumps from stock applications.

I did try a Ford smog pump on my 408w, but it pulled way to much vac. I was actually pulling oil out of the motor. It made about 14-15" at idle, not sure about higher rpms.

This is a decent site.

If you are interested I can post some of the info I have when I get home (don't have it at work).