Any problems with leaving valve covers off for a few days?


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Nov 11, 2003
Northern KY

I'm gonna pull them off and polish'em up. The hood is on the car and it's a stocker, so i dont see much water or anything getting near the engine, and since it's all oiled it shouldnt rust, right?

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you'll get oil all over the engine bay and it will smoke like a freight train when you drive it. My push rods rusted and the tops of heads where the valve covers meet, but i wasn't driving the car, so no oil on the pushrods... Also, you do lose a lot of oil...I didn't even drive mine, just started it up in the driveway a few times and had like 3 quarts when i changed it after that, so I wouldn't do it if I were you. You can polish them in a couple hours.

EDIT: Ahh...parked car, totally different story ha ha, miss-communication I suppose.