Any vehicles besides the lightnings that have a GT40 351w?

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ok the only reason why i ask is because im designing this website for a guy that owns a junkyard. I can pretty much pick out any engine i want and i thought maybe there were some other vehicles that contain that engine. Just thought this because i know you could find the GT40 302 in mountaineers and explorers...
The only 3351 GT engine you're likely to find is out of the

Although the blocks were roller capable, they still had flat
tappet hydraulic cams.

The heads were iron GT40's - not much for a performance 351.
They can run, but there are many much better choices out there.

If you're looking for a mild 351, they'd do, but I'd upgrade to
a hydr roller cam, like at least in the range of a TF Stage 1.

The shortblock is really where the value is there. They have the
good "football" rods which will withstand some fairly serious
power if prepared. You can make a decent street engine out of
one even with the stock pistons - they're 8.8 with the iron heads,
but most aftermarket alum heads will bump that up to about
9.2 or so. The stock pistons are dished hypereutectic and are
pretty decent for a N/A street motor.

The limited run of GT 351 Mustang R's (only a couple hundred)
just had 300 hp.