anybody have their stock lower control arms 99-04 MATCH UP


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Dec 11, 2003
i have a set of bbk lower control arms for a fox but not sure if they fit a 99-04. some people say yes and in magazines some ads say 79-04. i mic'd the metal sleeve for the bushings and this is what i got. length. 2.898" inside diameter is .469. the reason i did this is because i was told that the only difference was the bolts that go through the sleeves. can somebody measure their stock 99-04 sleeves or even aftermarket ones that are not installed yet.
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If you could pull the sleeves out of the bushings you should be able to put them in a lathe and drill them out. You might want to call the LCA manufacture and see if they will just sell you the inner sleeves for the 99-04. We sell them for our arms.
The stock sleeves are bonded to the rubber bushings. Different manufacutres use different size outside diameter sleeves depending on the bushings they are using. I would suggest calling the company who made the lca's or get new lca's all together. Those lower arms may not even be the right ones for your application. I would only use those arms on a drag car. The bushing combination will induce bind during cornering and will be hard on your torque boxes. That is why we came out with our Patent Pending Poly-Ball bushing setup.
I got a set of upper ,and lowers used(but never installed in a stang,off of a buddy),and the lowers didn't fit do to the reason in bolt size mention above.So i drilled out the inner sleaves out of the stock lower control arms,and pushed out the sleeves out of the aftermarket lowers,then drilled the holes larger to fit the inner sleeves from the stock lowers. And on my way i went. :nice: