Roush Anybody install different springs on their 01-04 S281?


Apr 13, 2005
I was at the track this weekend. There were a ton of other mustangs out there friday. I thought my car looked fine with the drop, but after seeing other stangs out there with even a lower drop, they looked WAY better. I did a rear seat delete and dont have the spare and tools in the trunk anymore and i think the weight drop in the rear popped up the rear end back to the 4x4 look. It doesnt look like the car is lowered and i want it a bit lower. I was thinking about doing H&R supersports but want to see what everybody else has done and if it would be a noticable difference from what we have now.
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I have Maxspeed Technology PART NUMBER LS5801
FRONT LOWER 2.0 INCH REAR LOWER 1.8 INCH on my 2000, I like how it sits. I have seen lower but this is juuuuussst right. :)