anybody know anything about Audi's?


Jul 15, 2005
I'm really interested in buying a 2000 audi S4 Bi-turbo quattro i found. I think it looks sweet has a 6-speed manual, all wheel drive, heated leather seats, climate control, and of course a 2.7 V6 twin-turbo. Stock it has 250 hp but this one is APR chipped so its making 317 hp. I read stock quarter mile times are around 14.3 so this one sounds like it will run in the 13's. I'm just wondering if anybody knows if they're reliable. This one is $13,990. I do know that fixing them is ridiculous cost but oh well any imput is welcome.. Thanks guys
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for one that has to have been beat on. those are usually considerably higher for a nice car, and there is a resason for the low price. as for reliability...they are costly and have commom issues, i cant remember what but i can find out. my buddy works at a very reputible shop here in cali and he drives a 2002 a4 and would own an s4 if it wasnt for all of the problems he sees on the cars that come into the shop. just make sure you find a GOOD shop to do your work because it will be needed and there are tons of half ass german shops out there just waiting to take your money
i am also thinking about a used s4 mom has a 2004 A4 which I drove most of my senior year in high school. They are really fun cars and the all-wheel drive system is very good especially in the snow. Little to no problems so far. i wouldnt buy a heavily moddifed one.... I would look for an almost stock one but they are great cars
I have worked on a 02 or 03 and they are a wicked little car....little rockets really. But parts are Expencive and even a simple oil change is alot mor work since you need to drop the whole frone skid plate/splash shield. They are a good little car but if your tall you might not like them. I am 5"11 and fit in it good but my boss is about 6"2 or 3 and he hates it but loves driving it. Under neath you can just tell they are a well built car.
Got a link to the car? Is it silver? A local Audi-guru I know was criticizing one here locally a few days back.

They really are money pits. If you keep it stock, that's O.K., it will still cost an arm and a leg to fix.

He modified his pretty heavily (wagon), and it runs mid 12's, but he has named it "The Money Pit" rightfully so.
My advice is to go after the 2.8 and stay away from the 1.8t's, those things are junk.

My father had one for 3 years that he bought with a blown engine. (people with leased cars should be shot for never changing the oil)

But the car was dead reliable, never had an issue, was awesome in the snow, and if he didnt just get rear ended in the thing, he would have had it for many more years with no issues.

the S4s are much more problem prone, and unless you have deep pockets to afford repair, stay away from those.
I drove one that was brought in from a body shop that we do alignments for and of course I had to go drive it to make sure the steering wheel was straight after:nice::rolleyes: like I will do with most of the nicer rides.
Anyway I can tell you YES it was quick and shifted smooth (6-spd). Seemed to ride nice, it was a bi-turbo. Then I opened the hood and looked and man what a nightmare it looked like to get worked on.
I say if you have the money to blow then go for it. Remember your gonna be the one owning it, not us.:flag:
I cant get a direct link but their website is .. you have to click on inventory at the top of the page and scroll down about 6 cars till u see a red 2000 S4 and thats it. I'm going to test drive it saturday most likely.

My advice is to go after the 2.8 and stay away from the 1.8t's, those things are junk.

This one has the 2.7 tt which is the same motor as the 2.8 except audi made it slightly smaller for the US
My stepdad had an '86 Audi 4000 that he drove for about 260,000 miles. He only got rid of it when the mechanic refused to work on the suspension because it was un-rebuildable!! 18 years and not many problems for the n/a version. I don't know about the TT's but I am sure the cost to maintain is much higher.

F.Y.I. I just went through this same search and ended up in the Volvo court. They are dirt cheap at 5 to 7 years old and some of the R types have about 250-300 hp stock. The mechanic says the blocks are good to about 400,000 before the head gaskets usually go!!:hail2: He has even seen blocks with this mileage still showing the hone marks from the factory! :p
my buddy just got an 00' S4 for about that same price last weekend. It had some exhaust/suspension/and ECU work done and was faaast. Red with black leather. i think it had like 100K on it and some older guy was the previous owner. Overall not too bad.

I also got to drive it and....well.....i still have wood.
I will be looking into an Audi A4 somwtime in the next year or so. I doubt Id grab an S4 and if I did I would go with the newer V8 version (a LOT more money). Audi has been a company that seems to be getting better and better. When they first arrived their cars were nothing special and mechanically had their issues. Then they started making nicer cars, and I feel the newest ones are some great cars. Plus where else can you find a decently priced 4 door car, with a manual, all the nice car options?