anyone adjust there suspension per Baseline Suspension?


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Feb 9, 2001
Elizabethtown, PA
i've been doing alot of reading about adjusting my suspension to get the recommended Instant Center, Percentage of Rise, Anti Squat, etc. i'm wondering if anyone here has adjusted there stock suspension following Baseline Suspension's guidelines.

According to all my calculations my Instant Center is way off. it is low and almost in front of the front tire. i calculated, by lowering the rear 1" and the front 2", the instant center would be almost right under the center of gravity to give me ~72% Anti Squat and 40% Percentage of Rise. Sounds like i have myself some work to do. Anyone have any luck with this stuff?
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I researched all this, most recently from the Doorslammers book.

I measured the suspension mounting points and have them laid out on a scaled sketch. More or less plotted the instant center. I did not really finish that exercise yet, but I do see where lift bars would probably improve things.

Since then I have weighed all four corners, and have weight figures.

Beyond that, I have just run it and changed a bit here and there. It launches decently, with boxed lca's, old Lakewood bars, and the rear sway bar, all on 1980 rubber bushings. Trying an airbag in the right rear next.

I have noticed that those who have gone through all this, do launch and run very straight. Watching Billy Glidden, for instance, at the Spring Break Shootout was like watching perfection on a dragstrip.