anyone else...

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Oh yeah, the itch is itching. Problem is the car is in a lot of pieces right now. I can't wait til it's back together though!

I *love* the southland! Year-round daily driver, even with a leaky heater box. :D

Sorry... Had to gloat a little. The 80 degree highs and blue skies over the past few days have been nice, though. Y'all Yankees can have your revenge in a couple months when it's 90 degrees/90% humidity here in Mississippi and my little A/C unit is wheezing in futility!
right now its about 22* and while we haven't had snow in awhile the roads are still white with salt (need a good rain to get rid of it) and theres a big snowpile in front of the garage to get my car out :( I've gotta few plans for mine, but they can all wait til I drive it once, or twice....
I spent about 5 hours last night in the garage, getting it looking good for spring. I just finished up my T5 swap. I have got to drive it a few times and damn is it fun

I cant wait for constant nice weather
weather's been farily nice here for several days (weeks really if you don't count the damn sandstorms) and i just got the car back from the alignment shop today so i'm good for serious cruising now, been doing a little here and there cruising but very limited so i don't kill the tires. going down tomorrow to get the exhaust tips installed and i need to change out my ac idler pulley tomorrow as well, after that it's just cruising until someone buys it. of course i actually have to list it for sale first, but i do still have a little detailing stuff i need to get done before i list it though, so maybe i'll at least get a few more weeks of cruising in.
We just got 4 -5 inches of snow dumped on us last night. Good new is it's going to be around 50 degrees next week so all the stuff will melt. Will just need a couple of days of rain to wash the salt away and I'll have the convertible out. Don't think I'll drop the top for a while though.