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Nov 17, 2004
:confused: Ok well this morning on the way to work I was driving down the highway, and in front of me there was a accident. Well I think I run over something big that came off one of the 2 cars(ie..a front bumper or grill or something). Anyway, at first I was just worried about tires and maybe some scratches on my front bumper, but when I got off the highway and hit a stop sign I started hearing this horrible noise.
It sound kinda like a exhaust leak. My header bolts come loose all the time and im constantly tightening them. So I thought no biggy, maybe that whatever went under my car jolted the bolts loose or something. Not so lucking.
When I got home this evening I pop the hood and try to tighten the bolts up....none loose at all. So I start it up a listen. A very very fast exhaust leak sound mostly from the drivers side (i think). I tried using a long tube and tried listening for a leak but couldnt find one.

1. Does anyone have any clues or ideas of what this could be?
2. Do exhaust gaskets blow like head gaskets?
3. Does a blown head gasket make a specific sound?

Bottom line I just hope this isnt serious nor expensive.
Any suggestion will taken into consideration. :confused:
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check yourrrrrrrr tiressss

if you did get somethin stuck in one of them.. when you drive at slower speeds it sounds like a very very fast exhaust leak.. so if you ran over something and it sounds like its coming from a specific place.. check all your tires wouldn't hurt ya know?

i only say this cause i had the same issue.. and if a piece of metal is stickin out and touchin the road just a bit.. it makes an exhaust leak type sound..
I couldnt find anything broken. Do you think it maybe ok to start up my car, if its the engine is not hot, and spray so soapy water on headers and the collectors to see if there is an air leak.

Chin.... thanks for that idea but it still makes the same sound when im in neutral.
I have had two header gaskets that the bolts are tight but they still developed leaks.

I have had many header leaks.

Take your car out, go on the highway and pop her in 5th gear, put the gas on slightly with the windows up and your radio/fan off so you can hear well. If you hear a nice ticking and it sounds like its comming from kinda behind your dash/infront of you then its your header.

If is sounds like its comming from under you, your H pipe might of got hungup and loosed at either the flowtubes (to catback) or to your headers fllanges.

You can also pop ur hood and fire up your beast and listen header leaks are usually a good tick and you can kinda tell there comming from there.

Anyways try those things. If its not your header check your H pipe. If its not that then chances are its not a exhaust leak.

Keep us posted.
Your H-pipe collectors either at the headers or the cat back are prob off centered from the impact. Start up your car and lay on the ground beside the car and try to pin point the spot is most likely coming from then let me know.
I had a problem like that, a ladder fell off a work truck and went under my car, it knocked the collector flange offline a little bit so i would get periodic LOUD exhaust leak sounds, so you know what I did? I cured the problem by installing a new Bassani o/r X!!!!
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