anyone got a flywheel lying around?


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Jan 15, 2008
I don't know what section this is supposed to be in, so mods - if you've gotta move it let me know!

My transmission place just ****ed me out of 1500 dollars.. literally. and they're not backing up the work because i had them put in "aftermarket equipment" (i had them install a King Cobra Clutch and a brand new Tremec t5)... well, after looking at the whole set up, my like, 500 dollar spec aluminum flywheel is shot to the point where i can't even resurface it.... i was wondering, does anyone have a flywheel hanging around that they're not using? i can't afford much, but if you want anything for it, let me know.. doesn't have to be aftermarket.. my set up should allow for an OEM flywheel as well... doesn't matter if it needs resurfacing either - i just need something that'll last in my car.

if anyone can help, respond here, shoot me a PM, [email protected].. ****, even call me 732 213 7397.

edit: i'm in woodbridge, nj, by the way.
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I have 2 somewhere. One if from my 87GT with under 90k on it, the other one was bought with a trans package and unsure if it's oem or not. I'm in central NH. If interested let me know.