Anyone know anything about these engine builders?

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hotmustang331 said:
im not paying 4K for a stroker motor from like VT or anyone LOL.

that attitude isnt exactly the best one to have when building/buying an engine. there is a good reason why the prices are like that for VT's,Modular Powerhouse, Steen, etc shortblocks. and that reason is they're worth it, and their products have been proven to perform well. i know nothing about Haney Motorsports, so i sure wouldnt be the guinea pig for one of their motors. well building/buying a motor, finding the cheapest price isnt exactly the way to go. i'm not saying you have to spend an outrageous amount of money either. just be smart on what you buy.
Well its just the fact that if I can buy my ALL 4340 forged 331 stroker for a little over 3K, why are these little 4.6L engines SO DARN expencive? There doesnt seem to be a reason, if this haneymotorsports isnt good ill prolly just forget the stroker idea...4K is just crazy IMO. These guys have to be making a load off of that.
Our short blocks are of the highest quality. Don't let our prices fool you. Let me give a little back ground on our engines and engine builder.

First, our builder has been building custom peformance
engines for OVER 20 years. All work is done in house with the latest machining equipment, such as rottler, Sunnen and Pro Bal. This is not a little corner auto parts and machine shop. Time and care is put into every engine for performance and dependibilty.

We use nothing but quality components in our engines. There is alot of companies out there using china parts. Did you know most of "Eagles" rods and cranks come out of China. We use Scat, Probe, Manley and Kellog for our internal pieces. Kellog for example is our direct supplier for our mod cranks. THEY are the direct supplier for FORD for the Cobra and Lightning forged cranks.

Both Haney Motorsport and Demon Engine stand behind our short blocks! PLEASE don't let our lower prices compared to others scare you. Haney Motorsport is small corporation and with that has a lower overhead. This allows us to be able to sell at a lower price. We are big Mustang enthusiasts and like to help others with the same passion of Mustangs and performance.
If you have any questions about our short blocks, company or builder, Please give us a call. We are more than happy to answer your questions. Thank you for taking your time to read this.