Anyone running a Holley Systemax Intake with a spacer and a stock hood?

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I don't think that it will. The intake is pretty big to start with. Alls you can do it take the time to put the spacer in, and try it. Mine wouldn't fit though, but your engine may sit a little lower in the bay, you never know.
It wont fit with out doing anything to it, A friend notched out the fiber glass to make his fit, So the hood doesnt really have any strength to it in the center. You could reinenforce it wiht more fiberglass, as an option, Depends on how much you like the stock hood.
You could always sell the systemax intake and look into a box style intake giving you all the room you'll ever need for those sweet valve covers. I don't know much about turbo's and intakes but I would assume you won't be giving up much bottom end power...
Brad, John Gotera (NMRA Drag Radial Racer) makes a set of fabbed alum valve covers that clear shaft rockers and stud mounts all under a Holley without a SPACER. I e-mailed John to get some pricing for you, I can't remember how much they were but I'll post as soon as I know.

The valve covers you posted appear to be the Granatellis which have a folded over flange on the bottom. They also offer them with a billet rail you definitly want the billet rail so it doesn't leak. I run Jeff Johnsons Billet Fabrications on mine, they may be able to make something for you but expect $350+ for a set.