Anyone with white rims on a white stang?

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Yeah, I had my Roush rims powdercoated. Make sure he powdercoats them, and not paint.

White rims RULE!!!!

hey, if your buddy decides he wants to purchase my wheels, and tires, let me know, ill give him a deal on them....

the wheels come with 2 Brand new BFG KDWS 275/40/17's and 2 tires that have 50% tread left... all 4 tires are the same size.. the 2 front wheels are 17X9, and the rears are 17X10.5's!!.....

The reason I?m selling them is because i got some saleen wheels... wanted to get an 18inch wheel rather than the 17.... But I had the 17's for 2+ years and love the way they look, as you can see in the pics :)

Bowzyr, is your car lowered?