Anything Special Needed For Deep Dish Bullitt Rims?

Just wondering if any special parts or spacers are needed or if the 18x10" deep dish Bullitts are a direct bolt on? Do the stock center caps fit the larger wheel or do I need new ones?

Was thinking of getting these for my car..

Also, anyone who has switched to this size rim..

Have you noticed any performance difference in your car? Does it ride a lot rougher due to more un-sprung weight? Just wondering, thanks.
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I did the staggered 18s in the FR500 style. No need for adapters. Your gona need some big ole tires but depending on the height of your vehicle (how much drop you got) you may need to be aware of clearance. I wouldn't think you would have any problems if you are running the bullitt suspension kit. I got FRPP C springs and have no clearance issues running a 275/35/18 in the front and a 295/35/18 in the rear. You will love the added traction in first gear with the wider tires out back. The weight difference is not noticeable especially when the car launches better than it ever had before. The stock center caps should work but I never actually tried mine. Got some chrome centers to go with the silver wheels. In terms of comfort, it may be slightly rougher but its negligible. You will however have to steer the car constantly. The wider tires love to bounce in and out of the grooves worn into the highway.
You might not be able to use your original caps. I went with 17x10.5s from American muscle because I like the bullitt wheels and they have a lip machined in the hub and the ford caps wouldn't fit. Ended up putting new bullitts all the way around cuz mine were curb rashed up from previous owner. So just put the AM caps on all the way around