AOD-5spd final gear ratio

I have AOD in my car, at 70mph it Tach's at 2300rpm. I want to Install a 5spd, at 70mpg will my rpm be higher or lower:shrug: ? I drive on the freeway alot and I don't want to lose my MPG. My tires are 225/60-16. Thanks for the help guys/girls:SNSign: .
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Jan 17, 2002
JBeezy53 said:
The rpms should be lower with the 5 speed. I believe the T5's overdrive is like .62 or .68 and the AOD's overdrive is in the seventies.

OD for the T5 and AOD is about the same. The AOD is .67. There for if your TC is locking and entering OD, your highway rpm will be basically the same.

EDIT: Did some quick research and found that the V8 T5 has a OD of .68. The Motorsport version was available with a .63 OD gear.