AOD/Headers - Sanity check


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Aug 20, 2009
Prior Lake, MN
I have spent hours reading all the posts out here and other sites regarding header choices. In most cases, it is fairly clear what works and what does not work. In my case, I did a 6cyl to v8 conversion in a 67. In addition to the 302, I converted to an AOD. From what I can gather, if I use a long tube header, like a Tri-Y style, I'm going possibly end up cutting off the collectors and rewelding due to the AOD width. I'm really not interested in doing that if I can help it. So... I'm thinking just a shorty header. I'm honestly not concerned about the couple of HP gain by long tubes. I'm building this car for my wife anyway.

Can a few of you AOD conversion guys jump in amd give me some guidance?
I would like to order a set in the next day or two.

I should mention, that I have manual steering for the time being, but
eventually will swap to PS.


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As far as I've read one of the other main issues with long tube and PS is it hitting the power cylinder and requiring the addition of a drop bracket, going shorties should avoid that extra issue also. Sorry I can't comment on shorty brands with AOD as I'm going long tube MAC and adjusting as I need, the MAC's don't require a drop bracket but I may still need to mod them to clear AOD as mentioned, we'll see.
I have the JBA mid lengths as well. I think they are great. They fit very well and the construction is good. They have thicker flangers and tubing than most also. Those should work just fine for you.
the mid length clippsters are what I have on mine....nice fit...and as an added bonus the pipes are pinched just a bit around the bolts so you dont have to fight the damn things so much going in.
I know the JBA's cost more, but over the years with all my friend's projects and all the dealings with cheap headers, I did not want to get the cheap ones. I like the fact that they heavier material, stainless, and have a lifetime warranty. If you do get them, don't fool with the JBA prefab H pipe. I had it and it doesn't fit very well.