AOD to T-5 swap mph is off. How do I fix it?

Toddstang LX

New Member
May 7, 2008
Since I got my AOD to T-5 swap done I noticed I was HAULIN A$$ everywhere I went...and thought it couldn't be right. So I started asking around to find out what gears I have in my rearend... One friend suggested that I jack up my car, mark my driveshaft and turn one wheel a full rotation and see how many rotations the driveshaft turned. The driveshaft turned approx. 3.7 times around. So I'm assuming I have 3.73 gears in my rearend. NOW... I just swapped my AOD for a Borg-Warner T-5 out of a '93 Cobra and I swapped the little VSS gear from the Cobra aswell. The gear from the Cobra was small and black, and the AOD gear that I removed from my speedo cable was larger and brown.

My question is--> How do I figure out which VSS gear I need to make my speedo correct again?...:crazy:
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