Drivetrain Are 72+73 Drive Shafts And Yokes Interchangeable?

Platonic Solid

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May 29, 2002
My 73 Mach (351C FMX 9” Rear) is at the mechanics as I just don’t have the time to repair its various issues.
The mechanic has asked me to pull the drive shaft and yoke from one of my other 71-72 Coupes (302 C4 8” Rear) for use on the 73.

Are these drive shafts and yokes interchangeable?

I see one (65/73) 25 spline yoke and two (65/72) 28 spline (1 ext snap ring/ 1 int snap ring) available on Mustangs Unlimited. has good info, but unfortunately doesn’t include 73 on the list.
If I was to guess based on the Mustangtek chart and what Mustangs Unlimited has to offer, I’d guess that my 73 uses a 25 spline yoke and 72 302 C4 uses a 28 spline.

Would it be wiser to just buy a new yoke?

Thanks in advance.
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