Fox No Boost And Stumped

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Well, the ending was bittersweet and short lived. Long story short - the tune has made a huge improvement (thanks Steve), but yet the car has not been living up to its full potential. It's down on power. It feels about 100-150 hp short. I checked compression dry and wet on cylinders 1-4 (5-8 are a major PITA) and average dry readings are 120 psi whereas wet are closer to 150 psi. So, I'll be pulling the engine this winter and re-ringing it. Looks like the initial start-up with the tune set for 19 lb injectors (mine are 72 lb) washed the rings to the point that I could never fully seat them. The engine doesn't smoke, but I have two massive catch cans each with a -12 line from each VC so I'm sure that helps.

I'm toying with starting a Youtube series to document the build. I have a lot planned for the car now. I'm reliving my former '91 although this is now part II I fear...