At work worrying about developed miss.


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Jun 14, 2003
San Diego, CA
So I just came back from McDonald's and developed a miss. I wasnt racing or doing anything crazy but just idling. I was out for maybe 10 minutes and now this horrible miss. I didnt hear anything break and its running normal temp and oil pressure. Its a new motor with 14 lbs blower. I'm sure I'll diagnose tomorrow morning and hopefully find a bad plug or lose wire, but in the mean time I'm stuck at work just fretting about the worse case scenario like everybody here does. I cant smell anything bad either so I'm hoping its an ignition thing but still everything is new. Here is a rundown. All MSD parts, supercharged, aluminum headed, not tuned yet since still finishing. Obviously I could be running lean but it smells so rich and has a bog so I'm assuming I'm running really rich which is a good thing in my book since I'm breaking in a new motor and have a blower. Tell me what you think so maybe I get an idea before running through everything tomorrow. I'm going to pull each plug and check. If good I'll reinstall and pull each wire as its running to see if it makes it run worse or the same to maybe single out which cylinder. I'm also going to check the oil for white from coolant like a blown head gasket. Thats all I can think about right now.
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na dude, don't fret too much, go over the simple stuff first, find the cylinder that's missing, then see if you're getting fire at the end of that plug. if you haven't already, get a new cap, rotor, wires, and plugs. you said you weren't getting on the car, so i doubt it has anything to do with the blower. i'm running 9psi, and had to go to an extremely cold plug gapped at 40. mine was missing though at higher rpm's
SmockDoiley said:
found the source. It was a melting plug wire grounding out on the header which wasnt supplying spark to the chamber. Now I just need to find one wire to buy. Thatll be fun
Whenever that happens to me, i say "time to go rip off autozone" But if you have motorsports wires like i do now, that stinks =(