attn. new england/ new york new jersey stang owners

Mar 31, 2005
this upcoming wednesday at lebanon valley i will be going to test and tune night along with kb94mustang, and many of my non stangnet friends... if anyone just wants to meet up and see eachothers' cars just post here or PM me... race, watch, or just hang out... it should be a nice night and a good time :flag:
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well i guess there will be next to no one going this time... w/e i just hafta hear some stangs today its been so long since ive been at the track. no racing for me just relaxin and enjoying it... but if anyone decides to go and just wants to talk 'bout cars just find me ill be there in the black 94 vert... all stock on the outside except for the knuckle-looking dents in the driver's side rear quarter panel (cant miss it) or my skinny self in a lynyrd skynyrd shirt Later, Kyle