On The First Day Of My Vacation......

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Nov 29, 1999
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I got up.

Then I went down to the drug store and hung out.

Not really.

This was a family vacation. The most important member of the family is not a car guy, and only mildly tolerant when forced into situations that could be construed as a "car guy" type of event. Considering part of the vacation had part of Mustang Week in it, I had to be creative.
Planning our vacation based on that, I had to come up w/ some other diversions that would/could keep her content and occupied long enough to allow me to screw around w/ the other men folk at the show.

The plan was set into motion. The intended stops then became Savannah GA. for 2 nights and a day, Charleston SC for 3 nights and 2 days, and Myrtle Beach for the remaining 3 nights.

I won't give a slide show recap of the vacation for you, as that is not my purpose here, but it has to be said that Savannah GA. is a place you have to see. The city center is built around entire groves of Spanish Oaks that are draped w/ moss. The houses that make up the center are as old as America itself, w/ most dating back to the early 1800's, some even older than that. While that may seem stodgy to alot of you, a point worth mentioning, is that intermingled amongst all of those colonial row houses are bars and restaurants.
Alot of bars, and restaurants. The first night there we ate in a restaurant that was named 1790. It's simple to guess why they named this place that. The building had been standing that long. Great food, and a really cool place.
In retrospect, this was my favorite city to see. Steeped in history, full of haunted houses,( they claimed), and the center of what was to become the 13th of the original colonies in our country.

We next stopped in Charleston SC. Another old assed city in the south, only w/o the moss draped Spanish Oaks in the City Center. I wanted to see the Hunley. A Confederate Civil War submarine that had been lost at sea after it's only mission to sink a Union Ship where they rammed that ship w/ a big gi-honkin harpoon that was fixed on the bow of the sub.
Unfortunately, that ship is still considered a recovery effort, and they only allowed visitors on the weekends. I was there on Tuesday.

We had seen pictures of the Angel Oak. A Live Oak that had been standing since the 6th century. I had to see it.
Now so can you.



This freakin' thing was so huge, that they had to help the tree support it's massive limbs w/ cables tied to the upper branches, and pedestals on the ground. I'll tell you the pictures still don't do it justice,...it's something that you just gotta see to believe.
Some think it's only about 400 years old, while others estimate it's age at 1400-1500 years. All I know is that it was cool as hell.

We ended the trip up in Myrtle Beach. Got there on Wednesday and checked into what had to be the worst hotel I've ever stayed in. The "Host" hotel/Condo complex for Mustang week, Holiday Sands South is a place that hasn't seen a fresh coat of paint in ten years.
  • The Carpet: stained and dirty.
  • The Ceiling: stained and dirty.
  • Tube TV's w/o remotes
  • Sofa sleeper that was so worn out, just sitting on it had you rolling into the center. I don't have to tell you what it was like to sleep on.
And to think I got this place for the bargain price, S.E.F.B. discounted rate of only 213.00 a night.
I did get a ocean view though, and it did sleep 6. (1br/sofa sleeper/pull down murphy bed)

The room was the rub, but the food was the salt on the wound. Seemed that everywhere we went, it sucked.

We stopped in a place that called itself "Barnacle Bills Rum and Raw bar."
What we got was a biker bar that used sour cream in every single thing they made.

Straight Sour cream.

Sour cream in the Oysters Rockerfeller, Sour cream in the spinach and crab dip (No spinach, no crab)
Sour cream as the dipping sauce for the wings and chicken fingers.



As expected, there was about 1000 Mustangs also. Mustangs,....... Mustangs,.......... Mustangs.
I know this thing is called Mustang week, and this was my second time at this event, but for some stupid reason, I expected to see other Fords as well. Last time, I had the red car so I must've had Mustang blinders on, Besides, I was there to get my ego stroked, so I wasn't really looking for something different. The pictures from that event did however show that there were a few non-Mustangs in attendance so this time I expected that I'd see them, since now I was actually looking.

Uhh,...... That'd be a negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

Of Mustangs.

It did reinforce one thing for me that I wasn't surprised to see was still alive and well.

Guys that own S-197's,..... especially the higher end of the body style are PRICKS.

We are in the wife's' Venza. If ever there was a typical "beach vacationing family, caught in the middle of a malestrom" looking bunch, it was us.

Starting w/ the ck-in. we're backing out of the space provided for checking in guests, when in whips a GT 500, and hogs the exit lane, perpindicular to the now in mid-backup Venza, and the passenger door opens,...stays open,..and his wife/girl friend gets out and goes it to ck in. We are blocked, and can no longer swing out to move forward, and the Shelby guy just sits there.

She has to squeeze by, all the time being glared at by Shelby D ick head.

On another occasion, there are three guys in the parking lot hanging over the wall watching the exodus , so I go up and ask them if they are members of South Eastern Fox Bodies.

"No man, we're S197 guys" Dude said like I insulted him.
Well Excuse the phuck all outta me.

Yet another time, we were exiting the parking garage which was a multi-level unit w/ fairly steep ramps, when as we were descending, a new Boss comes way wide from the other way.

Who do you s'pose had to back up?

Now I know what dude was trying to do,.....(and it's the only reason we gave this jerk the road) The ramps are so steep, he needed to cut them at a diagonal to keep his chin spoiler from possible getting hurt, but at the same time this ass hole was in our lane. He has no intention of using the "R" that was on his shifter, so again we yield.

S-197 d ick head count so far? =3

There was a Dyno day on Thursday AM, we watched a bunch of termi-based Mustangs make 600 RWHP. After I got tired of that we went back to the Ghetto. The waves in the ocean were decent, so we hung out for the rest of the day on Thursday.
Friday was the Show. They held the thing at the Myrtle Beach Mall again. I guess to alot of you, it would be Mecca,...for me it was a search to find something different.

Exactly the opposite of what you find when there are over 500 Mustangs sitting in a parking lot.

Don't get me wrong there were some gorgeous cars there, and some really amazing engineering. But by far and large, 98% of what you'd see on any given Saturday night at your local cruise-in.

Why am I here again?

Ford had the 2015 car there.......Somewhere. The Ford tent said it was in the Roush tent. The Roush tent said it was in Ford's tent. After walking about a mile trying to see the damn thing, I gave up.

I go to the big shows to see what the pro's do, so I can steal some little tidbit, or solve a problem by example. This time however, I came up empty.

I did decide a few things though.

1. I'll go back to Savannah.
2. I may go back to Charleston.
3. You can have Myrtle Beach.
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As much of a car nut as I am I really do hate cars shows. And I almost wish they didn't because I'm game for anything car related. But I like cars in motion, and I like my cars a little different.
The thought of 1000 cookie cutter mustangs bores me. 500 08 GTs with bullitt wheels and chin spoilers :notnice:
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I live in Charleston, SC. We've been here for about 8 years now. My job brought me here and I suppose it's ok.
There are a lot of historical things to see and do here if you are into that sort of stuff. We've pretty much seen it all at this point.
There are not many nice, clean, foxbodies around here. At least that I've seen.
Myrtle Beach tends to bring the a$$ out in even decent folks so please don't judge to harsh. What can I say, chevy stopped making Irocs, so Douches had to buy something made from Ford in between cutting their sleeves and buying un-neutered pit bulls. Oh, and give me a couple of years and I will add to the Fox population in Charleston.
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