Auto to 5spd in 67 289. ?'s on necessary changes.


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Jun 9, 2002
First of all I have read that I will have to use the heavier 50oz flywheel from my 87 302 motor rebalanced to work with the 289. Is it possible to use the 28oz from the 289 instead of the 302 wheel? Second, Will the clutch from the 302 work? Is there a detailed step by step description with pics and info on necessary alterations that you know of? Ive done a real good job taking everything apart and I think I might need help getting it back together. Any thoughts/ideas/info is greatly appreciated.

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Aug 3, 2001
SF Bay area, CA
The flywheel is matched with the year of the engine, not the trans, so you'd use the early flywheel on your 289.

For the clutch you can go different ways. One is to drill the flywheel to accept a late-model diaphragm clutch, or buy an aftermarket flywheel that has holes drilled for both. Another method is to buy a diaphragm clutch with a bolt pattern made for an early flywheel; Centerforce is one of the companies that do this. You could also use the old Long-style clutch if you don't mind killing your left leg from the pedal pressure. I still have a limp that shows up once in a while because of that clutch.

When I swapped to a T10 I used the early factory replacement flywheel and used the Long clutch for a while. Not wanting to buy another flywheel I went with a Centerforce diaphragm clutch. Swapping to a T5 I didn't touch any of my clutch components. I'm sure there are other alternatives, but that's what I did at the time.