WTB/Trade Motor mounts for clutch pedal? :)

Hey all, it's been a while since I last posted here! Life has kept me busy but now it's time to do some work on the Mustang. I'm looking for the clutch pedal, through-bolt/nut, bushings and related hardware for a V8 Mustang II. My '78 Mach used to have a V6/4 speed in it (351W/C4 now) so I still have the skinny brake pedal in it. I just need the parts for the clutch side of the pedal as I am putting a T5 in it now. I will pay cash for a clutch pedal setup for a V8 MII or...

I have two OEM Ford 302 motor mounts I bought in 1989 from Wendle Ford in Spokane, WA. I had them in the Mustang until 2001 when I switched to a Hedman engine plate/headers. While this is good news for someone looking for the V8 motor mounts, there is one important detail here. When I pulled the V6 out and dropped the 351W in it's place back in '89, I didn't know that the V6 frame mounts were different than the V8 frame mounts. When I dropped the engine in place and bolted up the motor mounts, the passenger side motor mount lined up with the frame mount but the driver's side was off one inch. I also noticed that the motor mounts were mirror images of each other and that the offset from centerline was one inch so I took the driver's side motor mount back to Swindle Ford and exchanged it for another passenger mount. So V6 frame mounts and a pair of passenger side motor mounts also secures a V8 in the stock location.

The Ford part number on BOTH motor mounts is D7ZA-6B032-AA. The black, chunky stuff in various places on the motor mounts is excess rubber from molding it together. The rubber has some fine surface cracks on three of the four ends on the two mounts (as pictured) but is still very soft and pliable. The mounts were not exposed to oil so the rubber has not been contaminated. There is some surface rust in places but nothing more than that. I did grind off the 'bump' that's on the back of one of the motor mounts between the motor/frame mount surfaces as it interfered with the frame mount. I think it aligns the motor mount with the V8 frame mount as the V6 mounts had the same holes for those motor mounts.

I will be happy to trade the above motor mounts plus I'll toss in the V6 frme mounts if you wish. I just need the pedal assembly so I can finally tear the car apart and get this transmission in!

Thanks for looking!

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