Promo! Autometer Invision LCD Digital Dash Kit for 87-93 Ford Mustang Fox Body


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Jul 19, 2023
The InVision direct-fit digital dash system for 1987-1993 Ford Mustang is a one model solution for your entire dash. Monitor the speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature, and volts all in one place. Upgrade your dash with the latest, modern LCD offering from AutoMeter.

Feature Points
  • Direct-fit instrumentation solution for 1987-1993 Ford Mustangs that monitors speedometer, tachometer, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, and volts all in a high resolution and colorful display
  • 12.3” LCD display with four user programmable screens
  • Integrated notifications for high beams and turn signals as well as instrument warnings and a user selectable warning light
  • Includes universal wiring harness and sending units for water temperature and oil pressure as well as a joystick for dash customization
  • Helps identify critical conditions with visual or audible alarms - low fuel level/oil pressure/voltage and high water temperature
  • Adjustable RPM range and displays in imperial or metric measurements
  • Requires no cutting, drilling or modification to factory pieces
  • Speedometer easily calibrates to OEM or aftermarket vehicle speed sensors and the tachometer is capable of calibrating to many engine types
  • User-selectable fuel level resistance ranges designed for OEM and aftermarket sending units


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