Autoventshade aeroshade


10 Year Member
Mar 30, 2005
I am looked at various quarter window covers for my 2005. Most completely cover the window and affect visibility. I have considered the Saleen covers but can't find them for sale and e-mails to Saleen's website have gone unanswered.
I stumbled across the Aeroshade by Autoventshade.
The photos I have found are generic and not for the 2005 Mustang. The company is supposed to have a product for the 2005 Mustang. Has anyone seen it or have a photo?
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I found that too. I also found that on many other sites. There's even an ebay dealer who sells this thing.
No one has a photo of it on a Mustang, especially not the 2005 Mustang.
I don't know what the car is in the photo but it is not a mustang.
The Saleen covers are now available. A bit pricey for me. I am going with the Classic Design louvers which are open and provide some visibility. These are visible on a car (page 5 i believe) in the new 2007 Mustang brochure.