Avoid Speedo Cable Damage


New Member
Dec 5, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Just sharing a bit of info...

A couple of years ago I noticed some tranny fluid droplets showing up on my garage floor. Upon investigation I discovered that my speedo cable had been resting against and rubbing on a relatively sharp metal edge under the car.

All of this was factory and stock. The rubbing actually wore through the speedo cable and caused it to leak tranny fluid.

I have the stock manual trans in my 91 GT and it feeds fluid into the cable to keep it lubed.

I had to buy a new cable. This time I thoroughly wrapped it in thick tape and clamped a section of larger rubber hose over the area in order to conclusively prevent that from ever happening again.

Check your rides, gents and you may spare yourself some trouble.

Speak up if you also find a problem like I did!
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