axle 101


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May 22, 2005
Well I have problem my car whould make some kind HOWLING noise when i made A left turn didint matter if was hot or cold out side. Lastnight i got in to some hardcore racing after that when i was driving it whould HOWL going straight. what the hell is going on with this axle please help me out!!! :shrug:
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Sounds like axle bearings to me....Never had a rear go bad, one in the front though...
Jack the rear in the air an inch or so...grab the tire and do the up/down..side/side movement...if the axle bearing is shot, you'll feel the there should be nil....
If you turn your own wrenchs its not a hard job....gotta remove the dif cover to drain the fluid and pull the C-clips out as the axles have to come out to change that bearing...The bearings and axle seals are cheap money..
Oh dude.... :( that means the dreaded ABS sensors have to be removed.... :bang: thats prolly the worse part of the job as the mothers like to break...they're plastic...