b head porting vs b to c head swap

doc stang

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Mar 9, 2007
hello, i need some advice regarding a 98 cobra

i am building it up for american iron, road racing action, and it needs to remain Naturally Aspirated.
i need about 350 rwhp, and 360 tq, which will give me just a little wiggle room, depending on her final weight after the cage, and all.

i think i want to do some b heads with port/polish/valve job, and cams.
looking for advice.

the car will NEVER see forced induction
it may, down the road get a built short block with higher CR, and stroker crank (+/- on this),
maybe never, if the heads/cam/intake get me where i need.

what do i need to get and do. to reach my goal
i am looking to maximize are under the curves, not for peak numbers.
i want a long flat torque curve, and to be able to use as much rpm band as possible.
this will be a strictly road-course racing car.

does it matter what 4v head i start with???
cobra vs Lincoln Mark VII, vs (do navigators come with some DOHC / cobra-compatible heads?)
how much of a P/P? i don't want to go too wild, and take a step backwards, considering i wont be adding FI

should i even port em at all, and just do cams?

oh yeah, where are we right are now:

stock power plant with :
LTHs, off road h pipe, and flomasters with dumps/turn downs
smog pump/egr delete,
a K&N filter,
and steeda 10% UDPs, and an aluminum DS,

yielded a disappointing 287/283.
not sure how much he left on the table, if any


i DID just read the sticky, about heads
a lot of info, and things to consider.

in the 1st part of my post, i indicate i had been planning on staying with B heads, since that is what the car has,
and by doing so i dont have to switch from a return to a returnless system (or di i have that backwards?)

after doing a little more reading. . .
as i now begin to consider a b-head to c-head swap. . .
i am even more confused as to what will be the easiest/cheapest to reach my hp/tq goals, naturally aspirated,

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I too am looking in to doing some very heavy head porting on my b-head for my 98> I have not yet searched the web but will start later today to see if I canget any tips or hint's > . My way of thinking was to cut the wall out of the intake and make a b-head intake port look more like a c-head with a nice smooth polish job on it . any thought's on that idea? > what sticky did you read on 4v heads > I must have missed it .