bad ignition effects hp, but not tq????


Sep 28, 2004
ok,i have a couple threads on here but i was wondering if i could get some opinions or facts if anyone has them. i dynoed my car about 5 years ago and found out recently the msd 6al was bad. i fixed it and the car runs awesome. so does anyone think my hp numbers could have been compromised with the bad ignition but my tq numbers not effected???? 347 stroker with all mods only got 247 hp, but 317 tq at the wheels..... torque seems awesome and right about where it should be but what about my hp??? what else could cause this? new clutch, 8.8 rearend and fixed the bad gear that broke in the tranny since then. if anyone has some input i am interested to hear what everyone has to say on here. thanks.
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Here's an idea. What if the ignition problem were RPM based? For example, if the ignition begins to break down AFTER the peak torque point. This could allow the motor to make good torque but have the HP affected.

Of course, I would think that any ignition problem bad enough to reduce HP would also reduce TQ (not making as much TQ as it would with a good ignition).

yeah i thought the same thing about the ignition, why would it only affect the hp not the torque. well i guess the only sure fire way to figure out how much the ignition affected it is to dyno it again. if anyone has anymore input i would apreciate it. any guesses on how much more i would get with the ignition fixed?? it would be great if i break the 300rwhp mark with all the fixes. that has been my goal. its just a street car so i would be happy with that. look up some of my other threads under Sonicaceman and you will find all my stats on the car. thanks.
tq and hp curve

i will try and scan this and post it up here but the curves look pretty similar except the fact the tq is way higher way sooner. the hp spikes at about 2700 as does the tq except the tq curve at the same rpm as the hp is at the max of 317ftlbs when the hp is only at about 170hp. if i can scan this i will post it up but hp gradually increases up to about 5700rpm where it drops off.
new dyno results

i just got he car fixed and everything mint. i will post dyno results, but i'm and happy to say that my ignition did have a lot to do with my hp numbers being low and i was impressed with the numbers based off my goals for a good streetable car. i will post my graph and a video asap when i get them scanned onto the computer.