ball joints and tie rods


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Nov 19, 2005
mooresville, nc
well next week in class im going to get a chance to replace the ball joints and tie rods on the mustang. im sure they are bad because they have 215k miles on them and im almost 100% sure they were never changed since there are a lot of other things on the car that are original. are there any heavy duty or performance ball joints and tie rod ends? ive never seen any but you can upgrade everything else on the mustang so i figure there has to be something. i know steeda makes the tie rods for lowered mustangs but i dont need those since the car isnt lowered. thanks in advance
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Nov 29, 1999
If you have the ching, some new arms would be nice (a little under 200 beans). You will probably find you need ball joints and LCA bushings. The cost for these can go a long ways towards fresh upgraded arms with all new BJ's and bushings, esp if you factor machine shop costs (I try not to do LCA bushings myself - PITA).

Otherwise, Moog BJ's have done me ok. There's other stuff out there but I am not familiar with it.

Good luck bud.