BAP/MAP Sensor on 91 GT Supposed to have Vacuum Line?


Oct 21, 2009
Does the BAP/MAP Sensor require a vacuum line to be ran to it? If there isn't one could it cause idle problems as well as any other problems? Also is the EGR valve vacuum line supposed to run straight to the EGR Pressure Regulator or does it go to the 4 way vacuum connection by the passengers side header?
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The BAP does not have a vac line (it senses atmospheric pressure, not manifold pressure).

The EGR vac line will go directly to the EGR solenoid, though it may be routed through a connector on its way. I have SN95's on the brain and they have such a connection. But the vac pathway itself goes directly to the solenoid (if the EGR is connected to manifold vacuum by accident, the car won't idle for crap).
No my EGR Valve vacuum line goes to the 4 way block connector but does not route to the EGR Regulator Solenoid.

This is a pic of my EGR Valve Vac Line (Black Line going into connector). The Black Line coming out from the bottom isn't connected to anything. It's not even going to the right hole in the connector. Which hole does it mate to? The one with the Green or Red Line from the bottom?