Basic Brake Q's


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Apr 6, 2003
DFW Texas
Just saw the clock turn past 50k on my 95 GT.

Ya'll think I should replace the brake fluid?

Could I possibly hose something up by doing it?

What kind of fluid should I use?

Just don't know a whole lot about brakes other than how to replace, bleed them, and such.

Mine are nothing but the stock setup btw.

Thanks Folks :)

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May 3, 2005
merriam, ks
brake fluid is more of a time change rather than a mileage thing--2 years is about the norm.

if you are gonna do the bleeding method i always pull the fluid out of the m/c with a turkey baster before hand--refilling the m/c with fluid before you bleed of course.

as for fluid, i would stick with stock stuff unless you are doing a complete brake system overhaul--then some nice dot 4 will do the trick. i use BMW dot 4--cuz its free.


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May 9, 2000
Kenmore, WA
I just finished this on my car last weekend! :nice:

To flush the system, you can simply open the bleeder screw of the right rear caliper and let gravity run its course. Connect some clear hose to the screw so you can see the fluid coming out. Just let it drain and add fluid to the MC as it gets low.

You might want to be careful not to push the brake pedal all the way in because you never do that in normal driving. If there is any gunk or debris at the end of the MC bore, then you're pushing the plunger through that junk and you could possibly cut the plunger.

Don't let the MC run dry because then you may introduce air into the ABS block. When that happens, you have to take it to the dealer to get it out.

Once you see the color of the fluid is clean, then move to the next caliper (left rear) etc...

I ran about 32oz of new fluid through my system. Of course I replaced all the calipers as well and lost a bit of fluid doing that.


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Aug 16, 2004
I dunno about that one...

My rear caliper dies. the piston came out of it so it gravitydrained the system as described here. I put more fluid in and more came out. We had no real problems bleeding the brakes after installing all of the cobra stuff.