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Jun 18, 2005
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i located my battery in my trunk a while back and when i went to the track i was told i needed a disconnect switch on the outside of the car. they guy also said something about and alt. disconnect. can anybody fill me in and explain this a little more to me. i've found alot of bat. disconnect switches on summit and jegs that seem they can do the job, but there are very few that actually say they are for alt. disconnect also. is the alt. something that has to be wired in or is it the battery they want switched?
how did you guys, those of you that have a switch, do this?
also, this was at a nhra drag strip, but on a road race course are the rules the same? or does it matter?
thanks guys
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get a good switch and wire it so it kills the alt and not the batt. you can cut the batt out of a car but if its running the alt will still supply the power cause thats its job. you need to be able to stop the car from running with your switch. also there are rules on how the batt is anchored as well. i would buy a nhra handbook.
Here is a diagram of how to wire the switch.

Per taylor's instructions, the small post on the rt has a jumper wire to the large post on bottom that runs to the + side of battery, the other small post on left is where the alt. wire hooks up to. I did use a 175 megafuse from" the zone" off the alt. to this post. The top large post goes to solenoide.