Beat To Death Buttt..real Thoughts & Advice On Tuner


Mar 6, 2011
augusta, ga
I know this topic has been beat to death thousands of times . I havin a hard time deciding who I'm going to let tune my car. I have searched and searched to see real results and experiences and don't find much except "my car feels so much stronger after a bama tune!" I don't want just any tuner to tune my car . There's alot to choose from. Alot of people use bama but I feel they are just like and over the counter type business and doesn't seem that good I may be wrong?. I was thinking maybe evolution , jcp, or blowbyracing . My car is bome sock at the moment but will be adding things soon. But just or now cai/tune / exh/ an gears. . So what do you guys think with some real experience / track results ?
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I had a long post going when my iPad crashed.......I was pissed until squidbillies came on! This will be a short version.
1. Call the company and see if they will program a tune setting that is suspific to your upgrades
2. If this is going to be a long term project see if they include lifetime software updates and user specific tune settings for new mods.
3. Most if not all tuners do not actually give you more hp.......they simply change the throttle position values and shift points .......sometimes more to give u the feeling or 30 extra horses but it only really gives you more throttle response and higher shift points.
4 I had a tune and didnt really feel the effects until I got my CIA a few days later (most CIA's require a tune for max performance and
5 if you want to know how to get actual hp/ torque without spending a dime? If you know your way around a car and have a decent set of tools hit me up. Compared to the tune I thought this was much more notice and its free!!! Hit me back if you are interested.....I will tell u what u need to do? Hope this was helpful. -mike

If your up for a challenge and care to take a look at my post it would much appreciated........I can't get any replies!
I forgot the most important one........see if u can borrow one for a few hours ( I.e. bama) and see for yourself if its what your looking for and really makes a difference! Might have to toss out a few bucks or buy the guy lunch but its the best way to know
the car will probably be a long project but when it gets to the point of fi/built motor ill dyno tune but for now i have no use for that. A tune can really wake a car up or really kill one so im trying to be wise before i buy one. My last two truck gained .5 in the 1/4 with custom tunes so i know the difference they can make. And yes i know my way very well around a car what is this free mod.
Sometimes you will get corrupted software and your car will not run correctly.....most if not all reputable tuner manufactures will re-load software that will fix any issues your having. Usually you can turn it back to stock to fix a bad tune. As far a faster 1/4 I said it will be faster in the low end due to improved throttle response and shift points! Email me at [email protected] and I will tell you how to improve your cars performance with no extra parts or tune......( fixes the lag/hesitation you feel at 2600 to 3000rpm under WOT) not sure if only the 05 and 06 have this issue or if 06 to 09's all have this issue. If you know what I'm talking about this will fix that issue resulting in faster 1/4mile times and overall low end performance!
I'm assuming you have an 05-09 stang since you posted this question in the 05-09 subspecific tech mustang forum? If you do not then I don't know if this will be possible!
Contact this guy.
He will do the tuning remotely and has very successfully tuned many members on the S197Forum. He has a very good reputation, is reasonably priced and can modify your tunes as you make future changes. I am fortunate to have a great tuner locally but if I didn't, I would have him do my tuning. If you would rather deal directly with a shop, I would recommend JPC. Stay far away from BBR, I wouldn't trust them to tune a kazoo.

Twin turbo.......such a beautiful word!!!!! Are u familiar with mode 6 and live data pods/values?? I took picks and a vid of my scantool and notices values that don't seem right? I checked and cleaned plugs throttle body coils MAF and added 8gallons of good 91 fuel but no change what so ever! No DTC, everything is checking out good! It still pulls strong.....better under load!