beaten by camaro---nitrous?


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May 31, 2007
ok so tonight i got whooped by my freinds 01 ls1 camaro 6spd (---EDITED---).i have a 97 gt 5sp with 100k on the clock,the only mods are a upr o/r x sct tuner and a drop in k&n,next year i plan on doing a full pi head swap but to hold me over right now to beat stock ls1 camaros i was contemplating using nitrous,how much can lets say a stock 4.6l take?i was thinking about running a 75 shot or a 100 shot and throwing the bigger jets away cuase come on lets face it when a 75 shot isint enough we all know what happins next,just wanted to get your guys thoughts,
thanks joe
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People run a 150 shot on a stock bottom end 4.6 as long as its in good condition, and with the right saftey accessories.

Most people seem to reccomend a 100 shot, but it really comes down to how much you want to risk, lol.

Either way it goes, if you dont actually have a custom tune for the car, you must make sure you do not have ANY spark advance... it should be set at the stock timing, or minus 1-2 degrees once you start to get over a 100 shot.

You need a step colder plugs.

If you go with a 150 shot alot of people will reccomend using a better fuel pump.

If you are running nitrous on a non-pi engine it will probaly take a good sized hit to run with a stock SS Camaro.

Sad but true. After the PI swap things will become easier.
I think the OP is asking if a nitrous setup will be enough to take his buddies LS1. No juice.

Title should have read something like:

Beaten by Camaro.... Nitrous?

ahh... i see

proper grammar and punctuation FTL i guess:shrug: . if that's the case a stock 97 GT with 100 shot will still fall behind on the highway if the SS has a decent pilot
Why are you surprised that you got walked by an M6 LS1? Those cars are low 13 second performers from the factory. My brother's stock 99 Z28 made 299rwhp with only a K&N drop-in.

Even when my '98 GT was headswapped with 4.10 gears I only had a 1st and 2nd gear advantage over his mildly modded Z28, and that was because I had him waaay outgeared (3.37 1st gear + 4.10 vs his T-56 1st gear and 3.42s.)

An LS1 F-Body will come correct if driven properly, and in most cases they'll run idiot proof mid 13 second timeslips with a semi-competent driver, shifting at redline, with good conditions.

A solid shot of nitrous will give you what it takes to at least hang, and hopefully out drive him, but don't expect miracles. A near stock '96-98 GT is a low 14 second car, still a full second shy of the LS1. If you spray a hundred shot in a vacuum you're looking at full 1 second improvement, but keep in mind with nitrous comes traction issues, etc. There's no such thing as a "clean" power upgrade, other variables are always introduced.

If you really want to represent, headswap the car AND spray it, but then you'll REALLY be dealing with traction issues (which were readily apparent through 1st gear with my headswap, 4.10s, and 17" street tires.) A good set of taller drag radials will help alleviate that issue, and guarantee his view of your tailights begins much sooner.

Good luck, but remember not to underestimate the LS1, they're not easily dispatched. If you can race him from a dig, thats where you'll have your best shot. On the highway, with a 3rd gear downshift into his peak powerband, he's lethal.
have you ever considered getting some more mods on the car? :scratch:
why be lazy and jump straight to nitrous just to TRY to beat him when your only real mods are an x pipe and tune?
... build up the rest of the car!

Throw on some long tubes, a catback, tb and plenum when you do the headswap. Even with these tho, LS1's are probably still going to take you with a couple mods....thats where the nitrous will come in.