Bye bye Camaro, Hello Mustang!


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Jul 1, 2018
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So this might sound strange to most, but I just bought my first Mustang today after an unfortunate situation with my 2012 600rwhp Camaro SS Convertible. I previously choose the SS over the GT because of the huge difference in stock HP. I should note that I pay cash for my toys... Oops.... I mean cars. So this time around I have two other projects going on, a 79 Jeep CJ7, and a 1965 GTO. Because of that, and the fact that I knew I was starting behind where I started with the Camaro by quite a bit I decided to go a little older and cheaper. I was searching for Mustang GTs with less than 90,000 miles, and just wanted leather. I didn't even put much time into researching the different options. One time I forgot to put the mileage filter in and the first car on my list was a Red 2009 with over 100k, tinted windows, taillights and markers smoked, black inlays, full glass roof, black rims, oh yeah and it was the 45th anniversary edition. Even though it had the high mileage I decided to open it because I also noticed aftermarket exhaust so I decided to open it. What I found shocked me. The car had the following mods already:

SR Performance CAI
MSD Ignition Coils
Ford Motorcraft Spark Plugs
Mutha Thumpr Comp Stage 2 Cam
BBK Longtube Headers
BBK High Flow Cats and X Pipe
Mac Boomtube Axle-Back
Raxiom Headlights and Taillights
Bama SCT Tuner with free tunes for life
SR Adjustable Coilovers in the front
SR Lowering Springs in the rear
Aftermarket Spoiler
Black Rims
Touchscreen Head Unit with Bluetooth
2 10" subs with Amp (those things THUMP)
All speakers replaced
Remote Start

I'm sure I'm missing something, but when I saw all this listed for $10,200 I freaked. I contacted him this morning, went and test drove it, negotiated him down to $9,000, then said I'll have an answer first thing tomorrow morning. I went home, prepared a contract, then called him and negotiated him down to $8,500 and went and picked it up this evening. To make it even sweeter, he let me take a set of 4 OEM wheels with lugs and center caps in great condition, the OEM headlights and taillights, the OEM Intake, and the OEM Spoiler. I plan on throwing a set of Blizzacks on the OEM Wheels and use them as my winter wheels. I don't know what I'll do with the lights or intake.... Do people buy OEM stuff? I'm going to keep the current spoiler on for now but it sort of blocks my view from my rear view mirror.

Anyways, I'm glad to be here and look forward to meeting you all. I'll ask my first question, which is, if you had $5k to spend on my car for mods, performance specifically, what would you do? I'm pretty sure they're worn as it is, but if you're going to go fast you need to be able to stop fast. My other thought would be fuel stuff. We've got the air covered with the CAI and full exhaust, but that only helps so much if you cant get enough fuel to join all that air. Thoughts? Also, I'm not familiar with Mustang mods and was wondering how all my stuff rates in terms of Good, Better, Best. I don't like the looks of the CAI as it doesn't seem like it could be pulling much cool air all open to the engine bay and way up high like it is. I've been browsing American Muscle for hours per the previous owners suggestion and man my save for later list getting crazy. I have a feeling I'll still be making a large purchase today, but that won't even scratch the surface.

Anyways, after 12 hours of ownership I'm hooked and wish i had gone this route earlier.
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