Guys i realy need your help here. i have a 302 with HIGH flow ported aftermarket aluminum heads, 1.6 shaft mount roller rockers, high 400 low 500 lift cam, edelbrock dual plane air gap intake, long tube headers, off road h-pipe, 2 1/2 inch cat back with 2 chambers, msd 6al ignition, msd billet distributor with blaster 2 coil and a holly blue pump. i plan on taking the motor to around 6500 or so before shifting. With that all being said, do you guys think i can run a 750 cfm carb., if not what size do you recommend? I don't care about gas mileage at all and the car is not going to be a "daily" driver but will be driven a good bit. Also i don't mind a little tweaking here and there but what brand do you recommend for out of the box and go performance? Any and ALL help is greatly appreciated.....thanks a ton:hail2:
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