Being full time RVers, .....

Az Pete

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Mar 30, 2005
Panama City, Fl.
.....we need a way to tow the '07 GT (auto) Vert. No, I am not buying another vehicle either.

Now, before you try to give the best way, I currently have a box trailer to haul it in. Nice for traveling but it just does not work for RV parks and such. No place to store it when in most parks plus a 34' RV with a 28' box trailer is a lot going down the road. I have looked into the smallest trailer but it is still a problem in most parks. So the box trailer is for sale and looking into other ideas.

I have looked at tow dollies. They will work except for the automatic tranny. My question is how hard is it to disconnect the rear u-joint and stow the drive shaft? I don't think it would be a problem if the rear u-joint on the driveshaft can be disconnected without having to mess with anything else. Stowing it is just a mater of tying it up with some wire.
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I looked into it when I bought my Cobra II. I was going to tow it with the rear wheels up. Then I found out the steering knuckle was broke so I couldn't lock the steering wheel. Some people/websites say not to do it, but I've found most of them say it's because there's too much weight on the front. The Mustang has a 53/47 weight distribution, so weight wouldn't be an issue. I see no reason why you could not do it.

In fact, this website says to place the drive wheels on the tow dolly.
I sort of figured it was a weight issue. Guess I can put it on backwards knowing that I can always drop the drive shaft and turn it frontwards if need be. I did read that I should also tie the steering wheel so as to not count on the steering lock only. Thanks for the info.
Do you have a aftermarket one peice driveshaft or the stocker? Either way all you need is a 12 mm 12 point swivel socket and a electric impact for travel use. Its 4 bolts IIRC and you've gone and disconnected it! It is probably a little harder to take it compeletly off and stow it if its the factory 2 piece, but a 1 piece would be easy to take off and put back on provided you had a jack and a electric impact.