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Dec 4, 2022
I recently replaced my alternator and wanted to replace worn out serpentine belt. Got the old belt off, guided the new belt on and there is absolutely no tension on the belt. Do I need a new tensioner. If so how does the old one come off. I'm new to this and would appreciate the help.

I have a 1995 mustang gt 5.0
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Apr 16, 2015
Did you compare the new and old belt length before installing? When I removed my smog pump I took the old belt, cut it and routed how I wanted it. Then marked it for the length I would need (assuming tensioner mid way). I measured the length to the end of by the cut end and went to the parts store and asked for the closest belt to the length I needed - don't remember what it came from, but it wasn't even a Ford.

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Mar 7, 2019
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It's probably ok, but hard to explain with words. You may have to U Tube it with the tensioner. Belt goes on. Tensioner goes up with the help of a wrench/ratchet and comes down on the belt
I got the tensioner replaced now I am having a hard time finding the correct size belt. I have a/c and smog as well as sr underdrive pulleys. Any body know what size belt I need. Thanks
Use a piece of string to measure the length around all the pulleys. Then go to the parts store and get several different sizes. Use the one that fits, return the other ones.

Worked for me.
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