Best Reliable Coil Packs


Jan 26, 2014
im about broke right now and have a 96 mustang gt that ive been trying to make run right and I know it needs one coil pack so im gonna get 2 which kind would yall recommend? i order most of my parts from advanced auto and see an msd and bwd coil pack if yall recommend another brand let me know
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Factory replacement, they're pretty damn reliable. MSD makes nice looking stuff but I've personally had less than great experiences with their products in the past albeit with their 6A/6AL boxes on my 66 Mustang not the 00 GT. I've also seen a lot of negative feedback on MSD products over the years on some internet forums. Not to mention, the company has managed to go bankrupt.
Stock replacement is the way to go. I've had aftermarket COPs (I know they are not coil packs, just sayin...) on my 03 GT. They were good when I had a high boost fully built engine. But when the engine was stock, they ran like crap. And they didn't even last long. I threw them in the dumpster, literally. Stick with Ford packs.