Best shifter for T45???


New Member
Jul 25, 2006
I have seen where a bunch of you guys have been talking about shifters. I was just wondering what you guys thought was the best for a stock T45? Seems like most of you guys are talking about the MGW, Steeda, and Pro 5.0.
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this is going to turn into another steeda vs mgw thread i can already see it coming :rolleyes:
From what i have gathered reading through the last few days MGW= nice daily driver shifter but for whatever reason is not as impressive in the higher rpms when shifting at the track, etc. Have seen a thread around here lately about people not being able to shift as fast with this one. Comfort and such is supposed to be top notch on these.
Steeda Tri-ax is going to be a stiff, more crisp shifter that is maybe not as forgiving in the city. Alot easier to shift if you're going to be using it at the track alot. Is a somewhat loud shifter. Everything has its pros and cons, its just what you like best and what you're looking for.
Here was that thread, maybe it'll help?
Good luck! :flag: