Best/Specific Transmission Fluid?


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Aug 31, 2003
Oly, WA
im going to be putting in my new transmission in a few days and need to go buy the fluid for it. is there any specific kind i should get? or what works the best? it is a T-5 Z spec.
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here we go again. i think Michael Yount runs Amsoil in his Z spec. probably a wise choce, but i have no first hand knowledge on that (in my stock WC T5, i run redline D4).
good luck with the new trans.
whoa, dont go based on what i said. i dont know if there is anything special about the Z in terms of oiling needs (or if it is just different ratios and ratings, etc). i think the guts are about the same, but check with someone who knows or runs one.....but im 99% sure you are good to go with the same stuff WC t5's take. just double check. :)

amsoil comes from mail order mostly - maybe a speed shop in your area might have some.....

and i only gave one reply. :)

good luck.
this is what they use!!

direct qoute from G-FORCE

" Lubricants"
"To ensure maximum performance and proper lubrication of gears and bearings in all G-Force Transmissions, use G-Force specially formulated GF-2000 Transmission Oil. This lubricant will hold up to extreme temperatures while maintaining the correct viscosity."

and they do have modified t-5's as well as there own race models dont beleive me look here also not the list of top drivers that use their products hope this helped!
thanks, i don't have a g-force transmission though. so i think im just going to get the gm syncromesh transmission fluid so i don't have to order anything.

transmission should be going in when it arrives (tuesday)