Best Street Brakes without breaking the Bank


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Feb 26, 2006
My girl owns a 97 GT, and she wants to upgrade her brakes. Her car is basically stock right now.

Without having to spend over $1000 on 13inch brakes, what is a decent upgrade for street use with her STOCK 16" wheels?

the xdrilled/slotted Baer rotors? These I assume are same as stock size, for about $180 a pair? Or maybe powerslots?

Will these provide a good difference along with some better pads like EBC greens?
I've never tried EBCs...I have used Porterfield R4S and cheapo metal masters on my 97 Eclipse turbo.

Will some new rotors and pads provide a good enough improvement? Fade isn't as much a concern as straight stopping power.

Would it better to try to find some used SN95 cobra brakes?

What are the best value conscious options for a streetcar..?

sorry for the noob question
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the 13" cobra upgrade can be done for under $350 from and even comes with lines

but you need to run 17" wheels with the 13" brakes

you can however run the 99+ dual piston calipers (cheap on ebay) and your stock sized rotors will work fine. also go with a good quality pad/rotor
Best way to spend a grand: 13" Cobra Brake Conversion = "Under $350" , Wheel upgrade: Get some good looking wheels and tires for around $1000 or less. For instance, I could sell you 1998 cobra R rims(17") for $699 with GOOD tires and two of the rims were brand new less than 5,000 miles on them.

$699 for rims + "Under $350" = about $1,000. That's what I would do "if" I had a stock 97 gt. If she wanted to go "bALLs out" and spend around $1500 I could sell her a REAL cobra body kit for about $500 bucks more (take off, converting mine to a Saleen).

That my friend would give your girl a car worth of being called "sick nasty" as far as a stock "97gt" being improved. Best of Luck.
I did the cobra conversion on my 2003 GT and will work a deal with you for my old 2 piston calipers, rotors, pads & lines. The car had 25K on it when I did the conversion, and the pads & rotors look almost new.
Hands down...if you are doing a brake upgrade get AT LEAST 13" cobra brakes - you are just wasting time and money for anything less. I had 13" cobra brakes on my old Saleen and obviously my current 98 Cobra and I can tell you there have been THREE times where my car would have been totaled from other bad drivers and my "13" Cobra Brakes" saved me and my car all three times! Don't sell yourself short - if you go to the Mercedes dealership with the enough cash don't start asking the salesman if he has any good deals on a used Camry! :lock:
13in Cobra brakes will not fit on the 16" wheels so suggesting the Cobra/Mach upgrade is meaningless unless they decide to upgrade wheels. As been mentioned before, the car has single piston calipers, so the 99+ caliper upgrade, along with a more aggressive pad, paired with blank brembo rotors, and steel brakes lines would make a world of difference in terms of braking. A well set up 99+ caliper system will brake just as well as the Cobra/Mach upgrade. The advantage the Cobra/Mach actually has is the larger rotor which resists fade better.