BHH (big honkin hammer) vs. Ceramic Headers


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Oct 8, 2004
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steel1212 said:
Maybe I'm looking at it wrong or something buy why does your header come up so far? Mine come right off and down.

Most headers do drop straight down. However, this particuliar header is a 351 swap header made by Hedman. The primary in question takes an up and over route in order to provide more clearance for the stearing components.
2nd Mustang said:
Pardon my ignorance, but what kind of valve covers are those?

No particuliar name brand. I just had a custom shop make me a set of fabricated aluminum covers. They turned out real nice. I had an oil filler and two breather tubes added. You wouldn't believe how light they are:D
danny clemens said:
Is this a 351 W into a 65/66 Mustang? That won't happen with a regular size valve cover will it?

Actually it's a 68' and the 351 is bored and stroked to 418.
Most factory and aftermarket covers will clear the header. However, if you have an extra wide set of covers then you'll have some issues with interference.