Big Block 5-Speed?

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I'm sure anything is possible. I would bet they have a scattersheild type bell houseing that might work or one of those companys could probably make you one. As for the conversion kit, I don't see much for the 71 but then again.... I haven't looked lol.
as i recall, lakewood has a bellhousing that works on the 429/460 block, and the 71-73 mustangs should have the tunnel room for the tremec, but the richmond 4+1 would be a better choice.
No way I'd get a Richmond. Three friends with very bad experiences. Get a TKO, TKO500 or TKO600, Lakewood bell and look real hard for the pedal assembly and linkages. If you do find pedals but no linkages, you can also go with a hydraulic thow out bearing. Plenty of room for TKO's in 71-73's. Best place to find pedals is probably in classifieds, Might get lucky here though. Dark horse performance or Modern drive line has all you need (other than pedals).
HHStang said:
I installed a TKO on my 466 in my 67. I took out manual and put C-6 in "wife's" 72 Mach One 429 clone. Both cars are up on jacks in my garage right now. Why?

i asked because i had read more than once that there were fitment issues but the authors look to have been wrong.

4MuscleMachines Quote:

I have a TKO-600 in my 71 and the car is on the road. No fitment issues whatsoever, slipped in like fine shoe.

was this a straight bolt in?