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Mar 23, 2006
I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum, but Does anyone in here have a black Mustang? If so, how in the HELL do you get streaks off after you are finish washing it?? Rather, what is the best sort of chamois to use? Thanks for the help.
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I use the water magnet from Meguiar's. Fold it in four, and move slowly over the vehicle. Then, follow this with a quality microfiber to get any remaining water droplets.

Another tip to make drying easier (I'm not crazy, this really works):

After you wash and rinse your car, remove the nozzle from the hose and turn the water on half-strength. Slowly run the hose over all the parts of the car. The surface tension will draw much of the water off your car. This will make the drying process easier and more effective.

Make note that this works best when there is a coat of wax on the car.

While I'm sort of on the topic, I'll mention waxing, etc...

You should fully detail your car occasionally. To do this, after a wash, you should clay, clean, polish, then wax your car. Many people will just wash and wax. This will not remove all the dirt. The purpose of wax is to protect your work (the cleaning, the polishing). You can use a quick detailer in between washes to keep it looking nice. Keep in mind, you don't need to detail at every wash. Just when needed.

Meguiar's has on online forum where you can get great tips on the proper techniques. I don't think I'm allowed to post links, but PM if you're interested.
I always use a mircofiber towel after I dry mine. I use the Eagle wax-as-u-dry when drying and it doesn't leave any streaks hardly. Takes alot of patience and practice. Both of my vehicles are black so I've had alot of practice believe me.
Follow 05PhillyStang's advice.

Don't obsess too much. I had a black Mercury Marauder and now I have the black GT. Both a b#$%h to keep clean.

A little off topic . . . A buddy of mine has an 06 BMW M3 - Black. Four months old with 800 or so miles on it. He hardly drives it, keeps it in a garage, waxes the inside of the rims, hits it with a buffer to get rid of the light swirls, tapes off the areas that he does not want wax to get on, etc., etc., . . . you get the picture. What's the point of owning the car if you can't drive it?

Hell, I've run my '05 through those stringy spoonge car washes already. Can't be any worse than the road chips I already have.
Fourth Horseman said:
Just out of curiosity, were you a member over at

Fourth Horseman, yes, I was (still am, I think). Also had the Lidio SCT tunes. I'd had the famous bad black paint problem on the '03 that would blemish ifyou looked at it sideways.

black is back

jjaguda said:
Follow 05PhillyStang's advice.

,,,. Both a b#$%h to keep clean. ,,,,,

As we say in this household.....

It's a b*tch to keep clean,
but when it's clean... it's a B*TCH :)

Part of the 'black' thing. Either commit or not.
I don't know if you already do this but you should always wash and dry in the shade. Otherwise the surface gets too hot and all the minerals, chemicals, etc from the rinse water get deposited on the car, instead of being held in the drying towel.
Leaf blower in one hand, small microfiber towel in other. I get my black GT to turn into a mirror after 5 mins or so. I also wash my car in either the morning or later afternoon just to make sure the sun doesn't dry it before i can.
hethj7 said:
I also like to use the California water blade after a quick wash. It really does a nice job pulling water off on the large surfaces like the hood.

The only time I used the water blade was on an old SUV. I wouldn't use it on a new finish. The argument is that if the blade picks up a tiny particle of dirt, it will drag it across the finish. The counter-argument would be that if you properly washed the car, you shouldn't have to worry about dirt particles.

I'm just not willing to take that chance.

I've heard a lot of people talk about the leaf blower and MF towel. That definitely would help to get the water out of the crevices. It's amazing how much water hides and puddles in places you'd never imagine. Compressed air works even better, if you have access to it.
My '05 is my second black musgtang. Wash in the AM or late in the PM - not the high sun (or have good shade). Use a drying blade with a 'straight' edge, not a 'T' like the CA blade (it will vibrate and leave water tracks) . Pull it soft and easy, go slowly. Follow-up up with microfiber towel. Then use a 'quick detailing spray'. I use Eagle One, Meguires has a good one too. Wipe off with microfiber cloth. No water spots, no streaking...just a bi$#@'n shine.
Always wash in the shade. Keep the entire car wet until you are finished. I live in the country so I simply pull out of my driveway, make two lefts to the nearest highway and accelerate to 90 Mph for approximately 30 seconds. Car is dry.:D
are chamois bad on black

Maybe it is me but I've tried twice to use a 5ft chamois on my balck 06 and it looks horrible leaves little beads etc. Microfiber works good I just didnt like using 5 towels to dry my car. I couldnt find any big microfiber towels. so I wasted 20 on the chamois. I've found black is a royal pain though. I have to rinse my car everynight and microfiber it dry or it is filthy- unless anyone here has any other ideas how to keep it clean