Bleeding my brakes


New Member
Mar 29, 2007
Can someone explain the procedure for bleeding the brakes. I will be doing my line locks tomorrow and I haven't worked on brakes in a long time. Is it different with ABS? Thanks.
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Nope, nothing different with ABS, other than it's very sensitive to air bubbles, so make sure you bleed them well. 10mm wrench for the bleeder valve and a helper to pump the pedal.

Put a small hose on the bleeder valve, and the other end in a catch container of some sort. Give a command to the helper (such as "down") to instruct them to depress the brake pedal and hold. I had my helped pump twice and hold on the second. Then they repeat the command once they're holding. Open the valve 1/4 to 1/2 turn for 1-3 seconds, then close and give the "up" command. Repeat this process 3-7 times, or however it takes. Check the fluid after every caliper to make sure you don't run it too low.
OK, I bled the brakes this morning and I was just wondering if I should have a lot less pressure in the back than in the front. I am guessing it is normal but I just wanted to check with the experts.
Yes, that's normal. That's why you can do a brake stand without destroying your rear brakes. The majority of brake pressure gets applied to the front. If it was 50/50, or more towards the back, the rear end would get squirly when you brake.

As long as you have as solid of a brake pedal (or better) than you started with, you're good to go.