Blinkers don't work


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Mar 6, 2006
I have a 1990 mustang GT, and the turn signals don't work. I replaced the flasher and checked the fuse with no luck. The hazard lights work so I don't believe it has anything to do with the flasher. What's going on? Do I have to replace the whole lever assembly behind the steering wheel. Any decent advice is appreciated!
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I had a similar problem with my 88 stang. The turn signal lever was really lose and so I got one from a junkyard. If you have a chance, take it out, and try jumping the wires to make the turn signal lights go on, that way you can verify that it's the lever assembly and not wiring elsewhere. And this sounds dumb, but also check your bulbs.
i had the same problem, mine was just a wire came out on the lever assembly... take it off check all the wires and make sure there pluged in all the way.. also check the connectors going in lever they could be burnt up or melted...
The hazard flasher and turn signal flasher are not the same. Did you change the correct one? The hazard flasher is the one in the fuse box. I'm not sure in a 90, but the turn signal flasher is either under the steering column or to the left of the glove box behind the dash.
where is the TS flasher?

I have already checked all the wires going into the lever assembly, swicthed out the lever assembly, made sure the connection was good going into the hazard switch, but can't find the turn signal flasher? I have even taken off panels. Now either I'm blind or who:bang: ever I bought it off took the flasher off. what color are the wires going into the female end of the plug that the turn signal flasher goes into? Is this flasher the same as the hazard one? Worked on it all night and am getting very frustrated! Any help is appreciated.:bang:
Have you looked in the locations I mentioned above? Most likely you're looking for a small blue can.

Wires should be Purple/Orange and Light Blue.

Hazard and TS flasher are not the same as I already mentioned.
found it

I found it, but there was no flasher. So plugged in a new one and still no luck. Since then I have been using a test light and thought it was my hazard switch, so I replaced that and still no luck. So I have replaced everything and the blinkers still dont work. I jumped the multi-function switch to see if the blinkers work and they do. So as I continue I am still lost, but think I may have 2 bad multi-function switches seemings how the replacement came out of a wrecked 89 GT.
Sure sounds like a bad MF switch. It's the last component in the circuit before the lights. You have power to the switch so it looks like everything before it is working. Where specifically did you jump from/to?

FYI, the MF switches are not fully interchangeable the 87-89 MF switch is different than the 90-93 switch. You'll lose your wipers.
I am going to buy a multi-function switch seemings how u said they are interchangable, and that makes sense seemings how lots of little things changed from 89-90-plus there is power to thanks for the info. this should be the end of my problems.
I swapped a later model MF switch on to my '88 (went from short stalk to long stalk) and lost the use of my windshield wipers.

Besides the turn signal relay, check the wiring to the ignition switch, the hazard relay, and the MF switch. They all have wires relating to the blinkers.
I Need Help!! I Have A 95 Stang . My Blinkers Wont Work But My Hazards Do . When I Turn The Right Signal On It Dsnt Blink It Just Stays Green . When I Turn The Left Blinker On Nothing Happens . I Checked My Fuses And Bulbs And They're All Good . Im Not Sure If Its The Lever The Windsheild Wipers And The High Lights Works Fine . It Clicks When It Goes Up And Down But Lights Dont Blink At All . Any Suggestions On What It Could Be ??